Fueling responsible research and innovation

How can we facilitate and advance Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) across Europe? Both for the current funding programme Horizon 2020, but also for the upcoming Horizon Europe?

These were the questions a workshop organized by NewHoRRIzon discussed on June 8-9 at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, with qBionano’s Mattias as one of the invited contributors.

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Commentary on mental health published in Nature

In yesterday’s issue of Nature an article titled “Why mental health matters” was published. This article included commentary by qBionano’s Mattias. Here he extends on his comments and provides additional context and broader discussion on this important topic.

Article reference: “Why mental health matters”, Nature 557, 129-131 (2018). DOIPDF

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Policy paper: The future of European Research Funding

New policy paper published. This paper was prepared by the Policy Working Group of the Marie Curie Alumni Association with contributions from qBionano’s Mattias.

It presents policy recommendations for the upcoming European funding programme (FP9) which will follow Horizon 2020 and be on the order of €100 billion.

“Like Horizon 2020, this will set the direction for European research for many years to come, so it’s important that as many of us as possible make our voices heard now when these decisions are being made”, Mattias said about the document. “To keep attracting and retaining the best minds, Europe needs to keep showing leadership on important topics ranging from open science and mental health of researchers, to promoting diversity and equality.”

Links: Press release and PDF of position paper

Voice of the Future at UK Parliament

Voice of the Future is an event organized by the Royal Society of Biology where early-career researchers come to the Houses of Parliament and discuss science policy issues with MPs and other key political figures.

This year’s event was on March 13 and was attended by the newly-appointed Science Minister Sam Gyimah MP, Shadow Minister Chi Onwurah MP, Stephen Metcalfe MP together with Science & Technology Select Committee colleagues, and Dr Rupert Lewis, the Director of the Government Office for Science.

qBioNano’s Mattias was invited to represent the Royal Society of Chemistry and asked two questions on behalf of the Society.

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Post in the LSE Impact Blog just published!

Link: http://blogs.lse.ac.uk/impactofsocialsciences/2018/01/29/the-future-for-academic-publishers-lies-in-navigating-research-not-distributing-it/

The world of scholarly publishing is in upheaval. As the open science and open research movements rapidly gain momentum, the access restrictions and paywalls of many publishers put them at odds with growing parts of the research community. Mattias Björnmalm suggests there is one way for publishers to once again become central, valued members of the research community: by pivoting from a focus on research distribution to processing and interpretation. A key challenge today is making sense of the enormous amount of new information constantly being generated. Publishers are in a unique position to develop algorithm-assisted approaches that can address this challenge; understanding and establishing networks and connections within the research literature and identifying new trends and patterns.