eLife backs Plaudit for open sharing of research recommendations


eLife and Center for Open Science (COS), today announced their support for the continuing development of Plaudit – a mechanism for academics to share their research recommendations openly with readers.

Full press release here.

Plaudit was created at the eLife Innovation Sprint 2018 with help from qBionano’s Mattias and a blog post from that event is available here.

Fueling responsible research and innovation

How can we facilitate and advance Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) across Europe? Both for the current funding programme Horizon 2020, but also for the upcoming Horizon Europe?

These were the questions a workshop organized by NewHoRRIzon discussed on June 8-9 at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, with qBionano’s Mattias as one of the invited contributors.

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Plaudit – eLife Innovation Sprint 2018

Update 2018-10-31: eLife and COS announces their supports for the continuing development of Plaudit!


During May 10–11 eLife organized a sprint together with Mozilla’s Global Sprint 2018.

The eLife Innovation Sprint is a two-day challenge for developers, designers, technologists and researchers to collaboratively prototype new innovations that bring cutting-edge technology to open research communication. [ Source ]

One of the initiatives that were founded during the event was Plaudit: plaudit.pub

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