Fueling responsible research and innovation

How can we facilitate and advance Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) across Europe? Both for the current funding programme Horizon 2020, but also for the upcoming Horizon Europe?

These were the questions a workshop organized by NewHoRRIzon discussed on June 8-9 at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, with qBionano’s Mattias as one of the invited contributors.


Leading up to this event NewHoRRIzon had published a policy brief on this topic, which is available here.

During the workshop several workgroups were formed. One of the topics was surrounding the current state of RRI (which the MoRRI project has published excellent reseources on) and how we can incentivise and reward researchers that follow best practices for RRI. This initiative is inspired by recent efforts in developing the “Open Science Career Assessment Matrix (OS-CAM)“.


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