Plaudit – eLife Innovation Sprint 2018

Update 2018-10-31: eLife and COS announces their supports for the continuing development of Plaudit!


During May 10–11 eLife organized a sprint together with Mozilla’s Global Sprint 2018.

The eLife Innovation Sprint is a two-day challenge for developers, designers, technologists and researchers to collaboratively prototype new innovations that bring cutting-edge technology to open research communication. [ Source ]

One of the initiatives that were founded during the event was Plaudit:

A list of all the projects that were pursued during this sprint can be found here.

More photos here. All photos are CC-BY Photo credit: Orquidea Real Photobook – Julieta Sarmiento.

qBionano’s Mattias joined this event as part of the team that came up with “Plaudit – Open endorsements from the community“. Plaudit is a simple, lightweight mechanism for an individual with an ORCID to endorse an object with a DOI.



See the webpage for more details!

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